Mid IB Summer Courses

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Course Overview

Take this course to pull together all of your learning from your first year of IB. Gain the confidence to meet your target grades. We will teach you the techniques to improve your knowledge of your subjects and to allow you to show the examiners exactly what they want. We will diagnose your gaps and help you complete your understanding. You will learn alongside other young international people with the same aims and have fun together in our relaxation programme in the unique city of Budapest.

Our mid-IB courses are focused on developing your skills and knowledge in your chosen subjects.

Your chosen route has 3 development areas:

IB skills

IB subject knowledge

Examination techniques

Via a placement questionnaire we diagnose your top requirements and approach each subject to enhance and refine your knowledge and understanding of the core elements of the IB course. You also work to develop those special IB study skills that lie at the heart of IB success. Finally you practise those all-important exam techniques for thximising your scores in individual papers.

We recommend that you choose 2 subjects as your focus for the course:

Maths with Physics

Biology with Chemistry

History with English

Business with Economics

We can offer some flexibility with these subject pairings.

The schedule includes a programme of evening activities to help you relax, get to know your group and enjoy the special life of this vibrant city.

arrival and introductory session: meet your tutors and meet your learning team
day 2-5
9am to 12 noon3 classes
12 noon to 1pmlunch break
1pm to 4pm3 classes
5pm to 8pmactivity in Budapest City and environs
final class, final course meeting, wrap-up and depart

Teachers and Staff

By using experienced IB teachers and recent IB students, our participants enjoy the “Best of Both Worlds”. IB teachers are familiar with the current changes in the IB syllabus and the current expectations of IB examiners. Only IB teachers know where students tend to get stuck on subject areas and they know what techniques help unlock understanding. Former IB students are best suited talking through the emotional stress and personal challenges of taking the IB. They will share experience and naturally students will more easily empathise and build trust with similar students of their own generation. By spending time with successful IB students, participants will borrow the confidence of their success.

Course dates and Schedule

Mid IB courses are:

9 – 14 July, 2017
16 – 20 July, 2017

arrival and introductory session: meet your tutors and meet your learning team
Day 2Day 3 Day 4Day 5
Maths SL lessons lessons lessons lessons
Maths HL lessons lessons lessons lessons
Physics SL/HL lessons lessons lessons lessons
Biology SL/HL lessons lessons lessons lessons
Chemistry SL/HLlessons lessons lessons lessons
History SL/HL lessons lessons lessons lessons
English SL/HL lessons lessons lessons lessons
Business SL/HLlessonslessonslessonslessons
Economics SL/HLlessonslessonslessonslessons
final class, final course meeting, wrap-up and depart

Extra workshops and tutoring

Inevitably you will have areas where you feel the need for extra support and personal guidance. Let us know before the course if there is some area where you need extra help and we can advise whether it will be included in the course or whether it is better to book some extra time with one of our teachers.

Classrooms, accommodation and catering

IBRC is situated 2km from the centre of the city in the green leafy area that is easily connected to the city by public transport. Our building is also used by other universities and educational establishments so it has all the necessary facilities and atmosphere to support learning.

We will organise hotel rooms as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Accommodation is within 10 minutes walk of the classrooms.

Having fun

Budapest is a vibrant exciting city with plenty to offer and to entertain. We will organise great activities for everyone to enjoy. Some typical examples are:

  • Group outdoor cooking
  • City walking tours
  • Zumba and Pilates classes
  • Visit the Terror House

Fees, terms and conditions

€1,700 – 6 day programme with accommodation and catering

€1,350 – 6 day programme with no accommodation and catering

A deposit of €400 is payable to confirm the booking. The balance is due to be paid by 15 May. 2017. Subject to availability, any bookings made after 15 May and the whole payment needs to be made.

Payments can be made by bank transfer. Details upon request.

Refunds. The deposit is non refundable after booking. If you cancel before 15 May then you do not need to pay the balance amount. No refunds will be made after 15 May.


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Important Information

  1. All students should make sure that they have adequate medical insurance.
  2. IBRC runs a strict “no alcohol and drugs” policy. If it is found that a student has broken this rule, then their participation in the course will be immediately terminated. There will be no refund of fees and parents will be charged any additional costs in the administration of arranging accommodation or travel arrangements for the return of the student.
  3. The educational campus is a non smoking area.
  4. Remain in the hotel rooms between 23.00 and 7.00.
  5. Parents grant permission to IBRC to seek appropriate medical attention for students during the course period, as recommended by a qualified doctor.
  6. In the event that a planned class has low student numbers, IBRC retains the right to cancel the class. Alternative classes can be offered or a full refund will be made.
  7. Parents/guardians are liable for any damage, loss or injury caused by their child/student. In addition, IBRC is not responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury suffered by a student, whether caused by the student or a third party (including another student).

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