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The IBRC founders and management team are all highly experienced educational managers and instructors.

David Clapp

David Clapp brings over twenty years of educational management and teaching experience from the UK as well as internationally. David has managed international schools in Hungary and is currently the Head of Science at a major international school in Rome. He teaches IB Physics and IB Mathematics. He has an MA in Physics and Philosophy from the University of Oxford.

Agnes Clapp

Agnes Clapp is 2nd in charge of Mathematics at a major international school in Rome. She teaches all IB Maths courses. Her students achieve excellent results. She has a PGCE in Mathematics, an MSc in Mathematics from ELTE, Budapest and an MA in Economics from Corvinus, Budapest.

Andy Thompson

Andy has 10 years experience as an investor and manager of international schools. He is the owner and managing director of the English School of Budapest as well as the President of the Board at the American School of Barcelona. He holds a degree in Economics and Economic history from the University of East Anglia.

IBRC staff

By using experienced IB teachers and recent IB students, our participants enjoy the “Best of Both Worlds”. IB teachers are familiar with the current changes in the IB syllabus and the current expectations of IB examiners. Only IB teachers know where students tend to get stuck on subject areas and they know what techniques help unlock understanding. Former IB students are best suited talking through the emotional stress and personal challenges of taking the IB. They will share experience and naturally students will more easily empathise and build trust with similar students of their own generation. By spending time with successful IB students, participants will borrow the confidence of their success.

Our tutoring programme is tutored by senior university students who can connect well with students and have a deep academic subject knowledge.

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