Pre IB Courses

In 4 career areas

Keen to get a fast start before beginning your IB programmes? Our pre IB courses focus on those subjects that relate to career areas such as engineering, medical, business and law. Programmes run over 6 days including arrival and departure.

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Mid IB courses


Worried, concerned, anxious or lack confidence in some of your International Baccelaureate course material? Mid IB course content is adjusted by those areas that you advise beforehand that require extra help. A unique combination of both IB experienced teachers and recent IB students will give you the “best of both worlds” in learning support and the confidence to help you succeed.

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online and in person

One to one tutoring centred only on those areas where you need extra support with tutors who are academic experts in your subject area. Online or in person tutoring available.

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Great after hours programme

Enjoy Budapest. We offer an all inclusive programme and keep you busy in the evenings with organised and managed activities in the lively city of Budapest so you get a good “work play” balance.

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Course dates

Summer courses run from 9 – 22 July 2017. Find out more about the programme content for pre IB and mid IB courses.

Accommodation / classrooms

Student accommodation and classrooms are all located close to the campus. Meals are also provided conveniently on the same site.
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Conveniently located 2km from the centre of the city and 30 minutes from the main Budapest airport. See map and photos.

IB Revision Courses in Budapest

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